And death shall have no dominion

Genre: Novelette (experimental)

Scope: 100 pages

Key words: let's try, we'll see

The work was written long before the Taubuk, was born, in the depth of history of the year 2008. Although it is the very first attempt of a literature work by the author himself (and at the same time it is the only reason, why it is listed here at all), it is not his ‘first’. We could call it rather ‘a zero one’.

With a little humorous exaggeration it can be compared to 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James, to which she incorporated her middle age crisis.* It is very similar here, where author is dealing with his ‘teenage crisis’ with this.

And because the work was written in a dark age times, when the top of author’s knowledge of his mother tongue were only three enumerated words, no wonder the work contains more errors than the actual sum of work’s words. That’s why the Taubuk decided not to make it public in any other way than this. (Trust us, it is better this this way.)

*[cit. August 2016]


(Author of the cover: Agata Laguniak, author of comics from Poland)