Audiobook is read by Ondřej Jiráček

Genre: Novelette (sci-fi)

Scope: 192 pages

Key words: future, teleportation, space drama

ISBN: 978-80-7612-002-0

It is the author’s first, which take us into a distant future in 40 000 years. Many things have changed by that time, as you will discover. However, the most important thing that happened is creation of the famous equations of the physicist Timi Gureli. And only now, after forty thousand years, physicists have finally managed to decipher and discovered the true nature of the equations, what purpose they served in the first place. To the surprise of physicists themselves, the equations proved the existence of the fourth dimension, which can be used for instant travelling. The ‘teleport’ – as we know it from books and films alike – has become the reality. The story takes place at the background of the first attempt to teleport someone. The attempt, that could ensure the teleportation is to become the commonplace of every citizen of Concordia.