Contains all you ever wanted to know about Taubuku... but no one told you about it!

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  • Official launch site: August 2016

  • Participation in a web competition (year 2011) of the magazine ‘Pevnost’ for the best sci-fi short story. The competition was at the anniversary of Intel company, which was also the sponsor of the prices. The topic was (it is quite long now): ‘How you imagine an AI in a few years?’ Short stories that participated in the competition were The Innocence of the Question and Khaloh's Dilema. One of the reasons for participating in this was also the presence of Ondřej Neff (the Czech well known sci-fi writer), who was invited as a judge. The competition was quite big (about 130 short stories), and my short stories mentioned above weren’t even able to get into the top ten. Yes, it does not add to self-confidence, but the beginnings are just… well, harsh.

  • The Taubuk published, also in its smizdat activities, works for two other people. You can look at them HERE. They are:
    • Jana Ručková – Collected Poems
    • Ivan Burda – £The Price of Decision

  • When the £The Price of Decision published by Taubuk hit the social media, it did not last long until this message came up on Facebook:

    ‘Good day,
    I have heard about you writing success from Mr. X. I congratulate you! At the same time I’d like to ask you about contact to Taubuk, I didn’t managed to find it. I thank you in advance and once again, congratulations.

    Mr. Y’

    Well… now as an answer, we can proudly say, the Taubuk is fully traceable.
    And we congratulate!

  • The first work official published ever was the book Lets's Not Be Afraid of Work, or A Guide for a Lazy Colleague in June of 2017. Its publishing took 3/4 of a year, which is very ironic, considering what is in the book actually.

  • 9/10 of booksellers recommed Taubuk ... the tenth one does not know about us yet.

  • On 15. of July 2019 the very first audiobook was created from the work Entopolagurace

  • By the 26. of August 2019 the audiobook Entopolagurace appeared on torrents; despite the fact it is completely free to download from the beginning. We consider this as a mark of quality, and we humbly thank to all those readers/listeners. We will surely continue in the steep line of quality. Thank you!

  • Did you know...
    • Taubuk has more dislikes than the number of combinations on the Rubik's Cube? (This is due to a calculation error on our webpage; to a lesser extent also by a different taste.)
    • Taubuk is not new or exceptional? (It is only washed with the powder "A Small Publisher Hyperbole".)