Let's not be afraid of work, or A guide for a lazy colleague


Genre: Brochure (satire)

Scope: 64 pages

Key words: (lazy) colleague, (non-)team work

ISBN: 978-80-7453-751-6 (colored)

ISBN: 978-80-7453-864-3 (black and white)

Has it ever occurred to you, that you had to work in a team and between colleagues there was someone, who clearly didn't fit in there? Have you ever worked with someone, who couldn’t do a single thing, let alone right and in time? Then maybe you just fell victim to a lazy colleague. A creature, about which is known very little, and it is surrounded by a series of myths and legends.

This is the very first publication in the world, that deals with the issue of team work and its partial aspects, with emphasis on the element of "a colleague". Taubuk is glad, it can be the first, who – in the current field of knowledge – offers this publication.