Genre: Novel (sci-fi)

Scope: 426 pages

Key words: near future, change in society, fight over a power, new emotion

ISBN: 978-80-7612-062-4

The author’s first novel will brings us to not so far future – reaching almost the present – of the planet Earth, which hangs in the verge between struggle for power and sustainability. The main moving force on Earth is becoming the newly elected privator of the Council Thade Gorwell, who has his own plan for change in society. Next to the Council, there is the Association of Religionist Unionists (aka ARU), which is trying its best to unite all the religions of the world under one roof. The traces of the secret governmental project Antigen is also leaking to the public. Mars became the penal colony, which serves rather as a depot for uncomfortable people, than as a prison. What has also become important are so called geostations, huge objects in the orbits of the planets, which serve to different purposes: as science laboratories, for space flights, transshipments etc.

And then we have this newly formed human emotion. Why and where it originates from? Chris, the university teacher, will be looking for answers to those and many other questions. But he was involved in the whole situation under somewhat suspicious circumstances and especially involuntarily.