Series of Stories about Lo-Kra


Genre: Short Stories (sci-fi)

Scope: ±30 pg. per story / ±150 pg. per volume

Key words: imaginary world Lo-Kra, short stories TBC

ISBN: 978-80-7453-951-0

It is an irregular Taugazin of short stories TBC, but each story is complete on its own. Nevertheless, stories may follow up each other in some cases. However, all stories take place in some imaginary world with a interesting name ‘Lo-Kra’. Imaginary vortex of it all is a sanist Lexa, who with her friends or alone solves different cases and mysteries, and gradually opens up herself with her world to the reader.

- - - Volume 01 - - -

» №1 The Case of Sanist Lexa (Pilot)

» №2 The Case 5B8: Error 25

» №3 The Case IN6: Agrat Kolb

» №4 The Case 8EF: Hacker Roal

» №5 The Case X0Z: The Scientist